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Record of the Auxiliary Units 1940 - 1944

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One Penny


Super Zero Station

To Shaftesbury (Price driving) - hospital case, and then Salisbury for stationery supplies. Visited Hut - shown the super zero by Mr Gartner.

Beatrice Temple's diary makes what could be the first reference to a Super Zero Station.

Brian Drury's excellent article describes the station as it stood in 2016. The station at Wilton is the largest so far discovered.

Observation Post in E Yorks

Andy Gwynne, an Auxunit researcher in East Yorkshire writes:

We got word of a potential Observation Post in situ for the Harpham Patrol in East Yorkshire and sure enough we found a four sided concrete sectioned fox hole for want of a better word. This is an absolute amazing find.

Unofficial History

Willie Ingram acquired a reputation as a consummate story teller, always ready to regale visitors with humorous and original tales. Yet he was uncharacteristically reticent on the subject of his wartime activities in the Auxiliary Units' Grange Patrol.

Take the Test

Thanks to Alison Smith the Parham Museum now has a record of Grange Patrol's training. Test yourself with Alison's newly discovered Training Course notes. Jon Bealey and Bob Millard kindly provided us with model answers so test your knowledge and we will let you know how well you score.


More Stories Inside

The Front Page is  too small to hold all the news we have. There's much more to see inside.

Personal Stories

Personal recollections are now in the Personal Stories page.

Locations and Equipment

Information on equipment, organisation and hideouts is in the Locations and Equipment page.

Inside Today's Issue

Inside Today's Issue lists all the stories in Auxunit News.



There's only so much you can learn from a computer screen. To walk through an Operating Base and see the kit at first hand, visit Parham Airfield Museum, Suffolk.

Zero Station

 Believed by many to be the most significant find concerning the secret SDS radio network in the last decade, Norwich Zero-station was discovered in spring 2012

Read Evelyn Simak's account of the find and its protection as a Heritage site  

Monmouth Auxiliers

Sallie Mogford is researching her grandfather's service in Jonah Patrol in Monmouthshire and has tracked down the remains of his OB.


Deep in Devon

Mark Scantlebury is researching the Auxiliary Units, particularly those that would have operated around Plymouth and particularly the Devonport area.

If you can help Mark then please contact him at:

Dorset Memories

Read the story of Ron Vallis, Maiden Newton Auxillier.




Inside Today's Issue

All the stories, at a glance.

The Secret Arsenal

Equipment even the Commandos didn't see



Hedgerows and Woodland

Lindsay Campbell recalls remnants of OBs outside Hull. 

On the Beach

David Blair adds some detail to Simon Parsons' holiday discovery. 



Dennis Walker gave us the information on Teesside OBs. He's now added the local radio stations.


34 Platoon

Matt Sanders traces his grandfather's wartime service.

Sugarloaf Patrol

A guided tour of a surviving OB by its ex-occupant.





A Spy in his Own Land

The mystery of Wilfred Ensum



An Auxilier Writes...

Read about the history from someone who was there.

Read All About It!

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The creation of Auxiliary Units

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