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Bibliography of Auxiliary Unit sources.

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'15 walks around Highworth' produced by the Highworth Rambling club.  The route number 7 in the book takes you around the former Coleshill House and the training grounds of the Auxunit patrols that trained there.

' Highworth Historical Society' books on Highworth throughout it's history. Part 3 of a series describes Coleshill House and it's history including the occupation during the war years. The ISBN for the book is: 0- 950 -73553 -1( Large A4 size)

Recommended further reading

I highly recommend the following books, which are available from

John Warwicker's latest work on the history of the Auxiliary Units.
This new history draws on a wealth of previously unpublished material and this is the most comprehensive history published to date.




Edited by John Warwicker, MBE for the Museum of the British Resistance Organisation
 Tells the full story of The Most Secret GHQ Auxiliary Units of WWII.
Consisting of 320 pages and about 100 photographs




Owen Sheers' first novel takes as its starting point an imagined 1944 in which, following a German invasion of Britain, the Auxiliary Units go into active service.




Reveals the real Nazi plans to occupy Great Britain

Uncovers the secrets of Britainís Resistance organisation

Classic, ground-breaking text now back in print




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A consideration of what might have happened if the Nazis had succeeded in their attempt to invade Britain. Extracts from this book appear on the Auxunit News site with kind permission from the author.

Click on the book cover for more details.



The Home Guard,
by S P Mackenzie  

 A detailed history of the Home Guard, Amazon review rating - 4 stars. Click on the text link for more details.

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