Norwich Zero Station

Norwich Zero Station door

Believed by many to be the most significant find concerning the research into the secret SDS radio network in the last decade, Norwich Zero-station was discovered in spring 2012 - undisturbed ever since it was sealed at stand-down in 1944.  Nowhere in the UK was there another Zero-station in a similar state of preservation and with so many original features still in place. Consequently, it was suggested that the structure is of national importance and that it should for this reason be preserved in its entirety.

Norwich Zero Station pipe

The property owners acted swiftly and with great responsibility in that the in-house surveyors as well as Norfolk County archaeologists were informed within hours.  To our great delight, the archaeologists unanimously decided on the spot to involve National Heritage, resulting in the Zero station being declared a Scheduled Monument of national importance.

Our report > now forms part of the archaeological site survey.


Evelyn Simak

Norwich Zero Station entrance


Norwich Zero Station debris




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