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There's only so much you can learn from a computer screen. To see some of the kit at first hand, visit Parham Airfield Museum, Suffolk.

The Defence of Britain project in the late 90's mapped the UK's WWII defences including Auxunit OBs. The searchable database is now found at the Archaeology Data Service website ( Some firewalls see 'ads' as an advert and block the link so you may have to copy the website address into your browser.

Google Earth

Google Earth is a tremendous application of aerial and satellite photos that lets you zoom in any point on the globe. You will need to install the program onto your PC and can get it from Google's website (

The Google Earth Community is a group of people who find and mark points of interest. Steve Thompson has copied the entire Defence of Britain database onto Google Earth. You can now see the position of every recorded Pill-box, fugasse and pipe-mine. More importantly for readers of this site, all the Auxunit locations known to Defence of Britain are there.

Go to Steve's posting in the Community:

 It's definitely worth it.

An Auxilier Writes...

Read about the history from someone who was there.


Inside Today's Issue

All the stories, at a glance.

The Secret Arsenal

Equipment even the Commandos didn't see



The creation of Auxiliary Units

Where They Lived and Fought

kilton wood

If you go down to the woods today...there's nothing to see. The men who dug their hideaways took great pains to make sure they were never discovered.

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The Headquarters revealed

A charming stately home in the Midlands hides a mysterious wartime secret.


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