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There's only so much you can learn from a computer screen. To see some of the kit at first hand, visit Parham Airfield Museum, Suffolk.

We Name The Men

...their meeting place was in Brotton Park above Dick Appleby's disused stables. The O.B. in Kilton Thorpe wood was Abermill', the code-name taken from the watermark on the paper they used.


What Geordie Did

Led by a film star, they guarded the King at Balmoral, saw Rudolf Hess and 'blew up' almost every major Command HQ in the North East. The Auxiliary Units in Northumberland led an active life. In April 1968 the Newcastle Evening Chronicle told it all.

One Man's War

The experiences of Tot Barrass, a North-East Auxilier

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Taking the Register

A Scottish school register holds some interesting 'lessons'.

North of the Border

Can you help? Information is needed on Scottish Auxunit activities.

A Spy in his Own Land

The mystery of Wilfred Ensum

 Auxunits in Bath

Read Bob Millard's account of Auxunit activities in the Bath area.

34 Platoon

Matt Sanders traces his grandfather's wartime service.


Radio Hams

A network of spies and signallers that no-one knew existed.

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Ladies' Day
The role of an ATS Officer

In the summer of 1941, selected serving members of the ATS were interviewed for "very secret and possibly dangerous" work. 

Miss Temple's Army

"Miss Temple interviewed almost a hundred volunteers for the Auxiliary Unit, in Harrods' fourth floor lounge..."


An Intelligence Officer

Roy Bradford and the SAS

L.R. Bradford


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